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Sepervivums in Slovenia Jure Slatner

Albinomanija - Jure Slatner

The Pelargonium Page - Matija Strlič

Asclepiads - Iztok Mulej

Zbirka kaktusov - Matej Jemenšek

Boris Gomiunik - Boris Gomiunik

Hrovatin Exotica



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Missouri Botanical Garden's VAST (VAScular Tropicos) nomenclatural database


Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

Saintpaulia in Belarus - Grower of African violets offers personal articles, a photo gallery of varieties, as well as some photos of Streptocarpus.
Site in Russian/English/French.

Bohemia Cactus - server about cacti and succulents, books, brochure, journals, CD-ROMs, Concentration, Online fun, Webhosting, WebBBS, Free links, Advertisements

Achim Hecktheuer's homepage

Ralph Martin's Cactus Page

Ariocarpus: Living Rocks of Mexico

Brazilian Cacti in Cultivation

Willy Verheulpen's Parodia WWW

Mark Faint's Notocactus Page

Mark Faint's Turbinicarpus Page

Fritz Hochstätter's Page

Tephro World

Succulent Euphorbias (Volker Buddensiek)

Succulent Euphorbias (Frank Vincentz)

Galleria Carnivora

Cacti world - Per Bünger  


Biodiversity resources


Botanica Slovenica

Center of plants conservation

Flora Europea

Important WWW Poisonous Plants sites

International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

Internet Biodiversity service

Internet Directory for Botany

List of WWW Sites of Interest to Ecologists

Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

Tico Ethnobotanical Dictionary


Henrirk Helms Madsen's Cactus Home Page  

Achim Hecktheuer's homepage

Ago's homepage

Alex Bunkenburg's Page

Andre William's Home Page

Andy Powell's Cacti for Small Greenhouses

Anglister Shlomo's Hobby Page

Argentine Cactus

Astrocactus, Arizona

Beautiful Succulents of Thailand

Beginners Page

Bill Beaston's photos

Billys Home Page

Bix' World-O-Cacti

Bjorn's cactus greenhouse, photographs of Rebutia and Sulcorebutia

Brazilian Cacti in Cultivation

Brian Bates Travelog

Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and Succulents of St. Barthélemy

Cacti and Succulents of the Texas Hill Country

Cacti at Magnolia Glen

Cacti Grown in India

Cacti in Chile and Mexico

Cacti of the El Paso, Texas Region

Cacti of the Southwest

Cacti, How to Grow them

Cactiman's Homepage


Cactus and other succulent species that are cold and moisture tolerant

Cactus and Succulent Pictures

Cactus collecting, cultivation and preservation

Cactus Corner

Cactus Felt Scale

Cactus Hybrids

Cactus Info Page

Cactus Jacks' Homepage

Cactus Quiz

Cactus rendering

Cactus Seeds

Cardon Disease in Mexico

Care of Cactus in the Home

Cathy Cullis' Webcate


Chiltern Hills Cacti

Choon's Cacti Collection

Chris Baker's Cactus Page

Chris Davies' Home Page

Closet Cactus Care

Cold Hardy Cacti

David Richard's Page

Daylirion Garten

Don Mclaine's Botany Page

Eat My Cactus

El Rincon de El Jefe

Fester's Cactus World

Filip Ballon's Cactus Page

Fungal infections of Cacti

G.C.Cactus World

Gerard Ardisson's homepage

Giovanni Quarella's cacti

Giuseppe Candiano's Page

Hardy Cacti in Denmark

Henk Bakkenes' Page

How to kill Mealy Bugs

Jan's Succulent Page

Jen's Home Page

John Gamesby's Home Page

Jörgen Grahn's Homepage

Josef's Cactus Collection

Julian Mullins' Home Page

Katzenbou's Home Page

Kreewut's cactus page

Laurence Mee's Cactus Page

Les Taylor's Home Page

Letters to Succulents

Livia's Place: My Prickly Garden

Malcolm Holloway's Page

Man's Cacti and Succulent Page

Marc's Cactus and Reptile Page

Mario's Cacti

Martin Brown's cactus Page

Martin Lowry's Bolivian Page

Martin Smith's Cactus and Succulent Page

Mike Mile's Hardy Cactus Page

My Cacti

Outdoor Cacti Photos

Pacific North West Cacti

Peter van der Puyl's Home Page

Philip G Andrews' homepage

Phoenix Tropical Gardens

Pictures for bored Aardvarks

Ralph Martin's Cactus Page

Ray Cole's Home Page

Rico Tong's homepage

Sasha's Cactus Web-site

Sigve's Cacti homepage

Some Cacti and Succulents in Western Australia

Some Common Pests of Cacti and Succulents

Styrian Cactus homepage

Succulent Photos


Succulents and Caudiciforms

Succulents in the Tropics

Succulents: A Photo Page

Sunrise Cacti

The Brazilian Cacti Project

The Cactiman's Home Page

The Cactus File

The Cactus Garage

The Cactus Shack

The Digital Desert

The First Austrian Cactus Page

The Green Growing Globe

The Succulent Well

Theo's Special Interests on Cacti and Succulent Plants

Tom Twijnstra's Cactus Corner

Tony Mace's Home Page

Tses's Cactus Page

Wolgang Kynast's Blüehend Kakteen Page

Arizona 99


Cactus et plantes succulentes

Collection Broyard de Suculentes

Jean-Michel Moullec's Pages

Jurassic Cactus

Le Cactopathe Lyonnais

Le Cactus Urbain

Andreas Bork's Page

Cacti and Succulent on Postage Stamps

Der Kaktus

Franz Kühhas's South American Page

Friedhelm Günther's Home Page

Gunter Fürst's Kakteenseite

Helmut Hametner

Kakteen - de Hobby Hompage von Lothar Kokert

Kakteen by Monique Pauwels-Majerus




Marco Ley's Home Page

Marcus Zollinger's Home Page

Matthias Hennemans Kakteen Seite

Notokakteen (Palmengarten)

Thomas Shäfer's Home Page

Thomas Stöfer's web site

Wolfgang's Kaktusseiten

Kaktuszok Honlapja


3^ Mostra di Piante Grasse

Appunti sulle piante grasse

Le Succulente


Reginaldo Cattabriga's Home Page

Albinopri's Botanical Garden

Cacti - dream land

Cactus fever

Euphorbia and Other Succulents

Flower and cactus

Haru's page

Hello! This is MARION

Hiro Nakatani's Growing Sculptures

How to live with cacti and succulents

Junichi's HomePage


Koichi Murohashi's Variegated Cactus Pages

Kouhei Mizukami's Page


Mesembs in Taiwan

Mr Cinereas Home Page


Succulents and Tillandsias


Welcome to my Greenhouse

Yowichirow Matsuoka's Home Page


Krzysztof Wiktorowski's Pages

Moje Mammillarie

O Paraiso

Os Cactos do J

Cactus League

Konstantin Kraevsky's Cactus Page

Michael Klinosky's Cactus Page

On-line Cactus Club

Pavel Melnikov's Cactus Page


Guide to Succulents

Jose Luis Aimetta's Home Page

Josep Joaquim Aldrufeu's Page

NG: Cactus

Magdalena Zelenka's home page

Arizona Cactus & Succulent Research

Arizona Cactus Club

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum


Cactaceas de la Costa de Michoacan

IOS-International Organisation for Succulent Plant Study

ISI International Succulent Introductions

Living Desert Wildlife and Botanical Park

RPRC -Regional Plant Resurce Center

Teknis Kaktus Klubb

The Amateurs' Digest

The Bolus Herbarium

The Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute

The National Botanical Institute

The Natural Botanic Gardens

The Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

The Peyote Foundation

The Professional Association of Cactus Development

Agaves from the Sonoran Desert

Fred Dekkers' Home Page

Jan Kolendo's Agave Page

Benny's Yucca Page

Achim Hecktheuer's Lithops, Conophytum and other Mesembs Site

Extensive Japanese site on Mesembs

Lance and Kerri's world of Lithops


Adenium Ailment Page

Adenium homepage

Adenium's of Hawaii

Bill Hagblom's Adenium Hybrid Photo Gallery

The Adenium Pages


Asclepiads - Iztok Mulej

Asclepiads - Max H Michel

Tropical East Asian Flora Web Gerry Barad

Sage Reynold's Ceropegia Journal

Hoya Page


Flowers of Stapeliads

Stapeliads - Orchids of the Succulent World

The Stapeliads

Aloes Anonymous


Haworthias and Gasterias

Adansonia page

Andrea Randazzo's Lobivia and Hybrid Echinopis Page

Ariocarpus : Living Rocks of Mexico

ASTRO: The World of Astrophytum

Astrophytum asterias

Bob Schick Echinopsis Hybrids

Bob Schick's 2000 Catalogue of Echinopsis Hybrids

Cactus with Cephalium

Christmas Cacti

Christmas Cacti


Coryphantha Homepage

Cyrill Hunkeler's Tephrocactus Page

Echinocerei and other cacti Dieter Felix

Echinocereus-Homepage Martina and Andreas Ohr

Epiphytic Cacti

Genero Notocactus

Genus Echinofossulocactus Lawrence Vlastimil Simek

George Thomson's Melocactus site

Gymnocalycium checklist

Holiday Cactus Production Guide

Jim Hunter's Epi Universe



Martin Lowry's Lobivia Pages


My Lobivia/Echinopsis Hybrids Frank Hoehnel

NCCPG Collection of Pterocactus

Queen of the Night - Epiphyllum Page

Setacei (Notocactus) Homepage

The Arthrocereus Site

The Beautiful World of Echinopsis

The Echinocereus Reference Collection

The Genus Gymnocalycium Volker Schaedlich

The Hardy Cactus Project

The Peyote Bible

Ulrich Creutzburg's Gymnocalycium Page

Carnivorous Plant Database

Feroadro's Adromischus Page



Le Guide de l'amateur de Sedum


Sempervivum and Jovibarba


Sepervivums in Slovenia Jure Slatner

Diseases and Disorders of Sansevieria and Yucca


Crown of Thorns

Euphorbia milii hybrids

La Epopeya Horrida, Euphorbia

Succulent Euphorbias Frank Vincentz

Succulent Euphorbias Volker Buddensiek

The Fascinating World of Euphorbias

Moringa Home Page

Ant plants

Jure Slatner

Iztok Mulej

Absolute Authority on Cactus

Albinopri's botanical garden

Atlas Kaktusu

Biological Pest Controls

BONAP Cactaceae Listing

Cacti_etc Home Page

Cactus & Co. International Society

Cactus & Succulent Whatzit page

Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

Cactus and Succulent Whatzit Page

Cactus en Vetplanten


CIESIN - Environmental Treaties and Indicators Resource Service


CITES Appendices

Cyber Cactus Zone

Database on Succulents

Endangered Species Listings of the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service


Field Collector Acronym Database

Field Number Database

GardenWebs Cactus and Succulent Forum

Justin Spiegel's Desert Cactus Page

Le Cactus Francophone

Mark Olson's Images of Dry Tropical Habitats


The Amateurs' Digest Swap and Shop Page

The Cactus and Succulent Resource Page

The Garden Gate

The Succulent Plant Page

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Urban Farming Source Book

World Climate

Cactus Image index

Cactus Photo Gallery

Cactus picture gallery

Czech and Slovak Cacti and Succulent Growers

Echinopsis Hybrids

Frank Hoehnel's Lobivia/Echinopsis Hybrids

Hannes Proschko's Picture Gallery

How to Cultivate Cactus Hybrids

Images of Brazilian Cacti in Habitat

Le Cactus Francophone

Max's Photo Gallery

Peter Lapshin's Page

Pictures including Exotic Garden in Monaco

Rich Kroll's photographs of Cacti and Succulents in flower

Screen Cactus Picture Index

The Cactus Photo Gallery

The Douglas Huth Stapeliad slides

Virtual garden


Kaktusi etc.




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